Important developments of the cooperation agreement between Ansaldo Foundation and the Department for Cultural Assets

The Department for Cultural Assets declared the Dufur, Finmare, Ilva and Manzitti Archives of High Historical Interest. These are industrial and business archives preserved by Ansaldo Foundation in Genoa, the most important Italian institution of the sector and one of the most active and prestigious at an international level.
The cooperation between Ansaldo Foundation and the Central Headquarters for Archives becomes stronger   along with the declaration of high historical interest for different financial archives kept by the Foundation and produced, starting from the half of the nineteenth century, by important entrepreneurial Italian groups (Dufour, Finmare, Ilva-Italsider and Manzitti), and with an agreement for the preservation and the valorisation of the archival records produced by companies and economic organisations.

“The preservation measure issued today - declares Maurizio Fallace, General Manager for Archives of the Department for the Cultural Assets -  is another significant step forward in a path provided by the new Code for Cultural Assets and already become effective for the Central Headquarter for Archives that aims to a joint safeguard of these archival records; a public and private management - continues Fallace – based on the agreement between the cultural and financial powers and on the sharing of methodological and theoretical principles”.

“With the safeguard and the valorisation of this archival heritage, mostly composed by technical, administrative and corporate records, not only is a rich scientific reflection nourished, – says Sergio Maria Carbone, President of Ansaldo Foundation, - but also the growth and the diffusion of a wider cultural responsibility of the companies is promoted. The company has to be considered as a fully-developed subject that doesn’t only focus on the economic aspects of its activity, but which knows to be nowadays one of the principal actors for the transformation and the modernisation of contemporary society.”

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