Un mare di archivi: ships, shipyards and armaments in Liguria

Within the initiative Un mare di archivi organised by the Central Headquarter of the State Archives together with the Navy and that involved the preparation on the training sailing ship Palinuro of an exhibition of records dedicated to the life, the culture and the economy of the coast and the sea, the exhibition Navi, Cantieri e armamenti in Liguria (ships, shipyards and armaments in Liguria) was opened in La Spezia on 19th April. It is located in the Museo Tecnico Navale and it is coordinated by the Archival Superintendence Office of Liguria, in collaboration with the State Archives of Genoa and La Spezia and Ansaldo Foundation.
In this exhibitions there are paper records, both ancient and contemporary, photographic and film records, coming from different Italian archives. Among these records, there are nautical charts, representations of ships, ports, fortresses, marine environment and naval treaties. The ship Palinuro is touching various Italian ports (Livorno, Civitavecchia, Napoli, Reggio Calabria, Palermo e Bari) where other sections of the record exhibition have been prepared.

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