UNESCO’s Archives Portal at www.unesco.org/webworld/portal_archives now has added an additional service through a user registration services to increase community building and enhance security.
Nearly 8,000 websites of archives and archival resources all over the world can be accessed through the Portal.
The Directory lists since more than five years websites of archives of the public and private sector, including universities and research institutions and websites of resources related to archives and records management.
All content can be accessed by regions and countries. Visitors to the UNESCO Archives Portal can also browse through pre-established categories or search for specific words. They can add a new link or modify an already existing link.
Together with the Libraries Portal, the Free Software Portal and the Observatory of the Information Society, the UNESCO Archives Portal is one of the clearing house services of WebWorld, the new website of UNESCO’s Communication and Information Sector and part of the UNESCO Knowledge Portal.

Should you like to be regularly be informed on UNESCO’s activities in the area of communication and information, please register at www.unesco.org/webwold/newsletter.

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