Following the end of the publication Archivi per la storia, ANAI has begun a new magazine entitled Archivi, edited by Giorgetta Bonfiglio-Dosio. The magazine, divided into sections, features essays with abstracts in English, discussions, case studies, reviews and bibliographical recommendations. The essays collected in this first issue are linked by a common thread of reflection on the recent changes that have taken place in the archival world.

Two years after the enactment of the new Code for the Preservation of Cultural Assets, Paola Carucci analyses the general meaning and structure of this legislative bill, pointing out inconsistencies and contradictions. This theme is taken up again in the article by Ferruccio Ferruzzi along with broader considerations on technological and normative developments in archival science. The articles by Luciana Duranti on the project InterPARES, and by Stefano Pigliapoco on the creation of Centers for Digital Preservation, consider another central theme of contemporary archival theory; the need for the development of technical and methodological knowledge that allows the permanent preservation of digital records. Finally, among the case studies, two accounts by Enrica Bodrato and Daniela Giordi regarding the restoration and cataloguing of the Paolo Verzone photographic fond are particularly relevant.

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