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Alessandra Vesco

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Alessandra Vesco was born in La Spezia in 1975 and graduated in Preservation of Cultural Assets at the University of Parma with a specialization in Historical and Artistic Assets.
Since 2001 she has been working as freelance in the filing and cataloguing field of Cultural and Archival Assets in public and private bodies and in companies.
She is currently working on the “Project for the preservation and valorization of the Historical Industrial Archives of the Muggiano Shipyard in La Spezia”, in collaboration with the Ansaldo Foundation in Genoa and with the Archival Superintendence Office of the Region of Liguria.
She is responsible of the cataloguing of the photographic historical and current fonds in the Photographic Archives of the La Spezia Commune and she is also cataloguing and digitalizing the Fondo della Cineteca Storica in the Archives for photographic and multimedia documentation.
She works with the Historical Archives of Advertisement in Genoa.
She worked as responsible of the press office at the realization of many art and photographic exhibitions (among which the one dedicated to Mario Puppo, an important Genoese photographer) and cultural events.
She is member of ANAI (Italian National Archival Association) and she is the author of many scientific publications among which some schedules for the catalogue of the exhibition Un mare di archivi (April 2006) dedicated to archival records regarding the sea and the activities related to it, organized by the Central Headquarter of the State Archives together with the Navy and prepared on the training sailing ship Palinuro, and the schedules for the catalogue of the photographic exhibition Les Favorites: venti stampe fotografiche restaurate (June 2006), prepared in the Castello di San Giorgio in La Spezia.

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