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“An Archives of Notable Historical Interest”
by Mauro Martinenzi

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At the end of 2002, an unexpected notice from the Department of Cultural Assets arrived at Fincantieri declaring the records from the Muggiano shipyard to be “of notable historical interest” and therefore earmarked for preservation. The official declaration regarded only those single documents and archives that were no longer useful to the current organization and production of the shipyard. Such paper records are generally sent for pulping and therefore, nobody knew their exact quantity, typology or location.
A little surprised by the newly ascribed cultural value of these records and therefore uncertain as to how to safeguard and preserve them according to Department stipulations, we carried out a preliminary feasibility study. During the execution of this first step, surprises were not lacking. We discovered an impressive set of records (about 6 thousand items) made up of technical plans, films, chartings, publications and photographs. An archival treasure whose historical, sociological and economic significance was evident, even to a layperson.
However, to reorganize, preserve and also, make a large and diversified archival heritage accessible to the public is a complex and financially onerous operation. What’s more, this totally unexpected task was not covered by the company’s current operating budget. Hence the necessity of coming up with a proposal for an original project both structurally and procedurally, and then seeking all possible opportunities for support from sources both inside and outside Fincantieri. Starting from a corporate context – both local and national – we were fortunate to have favorable results almost immediately:, we were able to quickly create a scientifically and financially sustainable project in collaboration with the Archival Superintendence of Ligura, the Ansaldo Foundation and the State Archives in La Spezia.
This project, still in progress, will lead to the formation of the Muggiano Historical Archives by the end of 2007.

Although this was Fincantieri’s first commitment to the creation of a historical archives of one of its own centers of production, we wish to point out that Fincantieri, has always supported the preservation and the valorization of its entrepreneurial culture. Fincantieri is a contributing member of the Ansaldo Foundation and, in the Muggiano shipyard itself, supported the foundation of the Sala Laurenti: a museum that collects and displays iconographical material of the shipyard’s technical history.

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