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ICA World Congress in Kuala Lumpur
by Hans Eyvind Næss
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The World Congress took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia July 20-28. 2008. The congress attendance was approximately 1300. Although this was a lower number participants than in Vienna in 2004 it was a not less than expected considering that it was the time of summer holidays in Europe and also considered the very high travel expenses from many parts of the world to Malaysia.
The program comprised a high number of business meetings held in connection with the congress and to days annual meeting for ICA. The most important result of this is the process of change within ICA as to governance and leadership. Dr. Ian Wilson, the Canadian Archivist and Librarian, was elected as new president for two years. Mr. David Leitch, the new General Secretary took over his position August 1st. Mr. Didier Grange will take his position as new part-time deputy secretary. Several new vice presidents were elected: Ms. Nolda Rømer Kanepa as Vice president CITRA, Mr. Lewis Bellardo as Vice president Programme, Ms Christine Martinet as Vice president SPA, Dr. Hans Eyvind Næss as Vice president for the section Chairs. The Vice presidents meet in their capacity at the MCOM (Management Commission) meetings.
The AGM (Annual General meeting) approved in principle of a new strategic direction for ICA, it approved of the budget facilitating more activities for the whole organization and also now comprising the so-called FIDA fund dedicated to educational aid for the underdeveloped countries. The Audit commission put forward a report assessing all ICA activities a highly important instrumental document for the governance of ICA in the upcoming years.
The conference comprised of more than 70 sessions on good future archival governance viewed from many angles and categories of archives and records and archives ownership.
SBL had s half day section of its own with several excellent speakers on business archives, speakers being ms. Ineke Deserno, dr. Peter Blum. Ms. Helen Swinnington, Mr. Didier Bondue, mr. Bruce Smith, and Dr. Hans Eyvind Næss.
The Malaysian host offered a wide range of cultural activities and excursions taking the participants round in a beautiful city and a country attractive to visitors.
At the AGM and the MCOM meeting held at the end of the congress it was decided that the next CITRA meeting shall be at Malta in 2009, in Norway in 2010, possibly in Spain 2011.
The next world congress will be held in Brisbane, Australia Aug. 19-25, 2012.
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