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V. Perin, In cartiera a Corsico. Storie di uomini e di macchine,
Corbetta, Cooperativa edificatrice Ferruccio Degradi, 2007, pages 191
Review by Carlo Alzati

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The volume was promoted by the Cooperativa edificatrice Ferruccio Degradi in Milan on the occasion of the creation of the new residential area in Corsico, where there was the paper factory Pirola later taken over by the Burgo group. A paper factory that, during the years, had become a point of reference and a reason for pride of the entire community despite its progressive divestment until its closing down in 1998. In order to avoid the fact that the disappearance of the factory was felt by the community as a loss or, worse, as an expropriation, the Cooperativa gave life to this retrieval intervention of the memory of places and men that worked there, to give it to the population. The volume, realized by Viviana Perin also using ex-workers’ oral sources, makes use of a rich iconographic equipment, largely put at the author’s disposal by the Historical Archives Burgo.
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